5 STARS! I recently presented a cast ‘reading’ of my new musical, LOVING CUPID in La Jolla. The reading culminated years of writing, composing and organizing of the reading. Readings are an important step in play development as it allows the author to hear it and experience the audience reaction. It’s also an important tool for exposing the work to theaters for eventual staging. Thus, it was very important that I retain a photographer/videographer who would chronicle the rehearsals and the reading. To achieve what I wanted, I needed a top notch professional, who would understand the story before snapping the first photo – she would need to combine her photographic expertise, creativity and understanding of the play which, in this case deals with the complexities of love and relationships – a tall order! Yami, as she is called, outperformed all my expectations. Yami brought all these skills and much more to her work by creating a beautiful and expressive video that communicates the essence of my story. Her 5 minute video rivals any Hollywood movie trailer. Yami, is a treasure who brought patience, positivity and light to the production. I’m not sure how far LOVING CUPID will go in the theatrical world, but I hope Yami will remain a part of its journey. Needless to say, I recommend her without reservation! —  Luis Aragon, Creator and Writer “Loving Cupid”

I wanted to create a video to share my new venture, and Indie Soul Films exceeded my expectations! Impressive ability to take my vague vision, and create a professional short film!🎉 I highly recommend her and looking forward to creating more soon! Thank You Indie Soul Films – Vanessa Gibson

In a few hours of meeting us, Yami managed to capture what we needed to communicate to our audience, which back then was potential investors, early users and startup contest judges. The video she produced helped us get signed up on every startup contest submission we entered. Plus we love her story: engineer turned video creative 👏😊🎥

Davi Bertolini- Founder Blosher