Hello Everyone!

I’m originally from the tiny, mighty and beautiful Puerto Rico island. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with photos. My first camera was a yellow Kodak 110, given to me by my Mom, after she realized how much I loved photos. I didn’t go anywhere without my beloved yellow block. I loved the suspense that came with waiting for my photos to be developed and felt constant amazement by the fact that photos and videos could freeze time. I still remember thinking that if I starred at the images enough, they would start moving. That’s when I found out that video was an interest to me.

One day, my high school geometry teacher convinced my parents that my skills in math equated to an engineering career. So, after couple of heated “healthy debates” with my parents, I followed the teacher’s advice. I enrolled engineering school and moved to the United States to complete it. A bachelors, a masters, a professional engineering license, and a corporate career later, I’m finding my self (more often than not) with a case of the Mondays and desperately waiting for the next time off so that I can indulge in other artists’ photos, play with my camera, and capture what I love.

I’m grateful for my career and what it has provided. But, I’ve learned that visual arts and capturing stories in videos and photographs truly makes me happy. So I want to do more of that. I want to capture travel and cultures to showcase the many amazing things that are out there to explore and we can relate to. I want to showcase family dynamics because I believe that family is the nucleus of human development.  I want to showcase resilient people, because ups or downs, success or defeats, they are determined and committed to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. I want to showcase adventure because way too often, we let fear hold us back from experiencing the unknown. I want to showcase entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs because I admire it and I look up to them. And finally, I want to showcase nature and kids, because is from them that I learn the most from.

Welcome to my photography/filming journey. Indie Soul Films is my sweet part-time escape from my demanding corporate world.  Here, I strive not only to craft my art and share my own experiences and my family’s, but I also showcase projects I’ve worked on in collaboration with other people, artists, and entrepreneurs.

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